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npcs pod killing players in hi sec ccp have crossed the line …

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NPCs pod killing players in hi-sec, CCP have crossed the …

Mar 13, 2021 · cant properly explain it, its the way its always been, and should have remained in my opinion… why do some NPCs pod you and others dont, it doesnt make sense, ive always seen hisec as ‘safe’ from extreme actions like pod killing from PvE actions, NPCs pod killing is a step too far, my mind wont change on this.


NPCs pod killing players in hi-sec, CCP have crossed the …

Mar 13, 2021 · autopiloting in a shuttle, all hisec, 2 cheap… First off, don’t use autopilot, it’s suicide, and second, when you are about to enter a Triglavian held system you are stopped and warned. Unless I suppose, if you have selected the “don’t warn me anymore” option.


NPC corp standing loss LE podding – Player Features and …

Jul 02, 2013 · You only get penalized for killing NPC corp players in legitimate engagements. NPC corp players are already protected versus wardecs, awoxing and thefts. Question is, why are they also protected versus pod kills by punishing the "offenders" This mechanics needs to be fixed. NPC corporations are safe enough without any extras like this.


System security – EVE University Wiki
  • There are three general classifications of systems based upon system security: High Security, Low Security, and Null Security.

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  • Safety Tips for Operating in Low Sec – EVE University Wiki

    Nov 29, 2021 · Safety Tips for Operating in Low Sec. Most players start their EVE careers in high security space (high-sec). They learn the basics of flying and fitting ships as well as how to fight NPCs effectively. However, at some point every capsuleer will …


    The Nosy Gamer: Is EVE A PvP Game?

    Jul 28, 2014 · If EVE is a PvP game, I would expect a very low NPC to player ships killed ratio. If EVE is a game (or a simulation) that only has PvP as an element of the virtual world, I would expect a high ratio. The results may surprise some non- EVE players. In July, the ratio was 296 NPCs killed for every ship a player lost.


    EVE Online Updates | Evehermit

    Apr 25, 2020 · A (cynical) bonus for CCP is that it means players will need to invest more time and ISK into their Cyno chain. I have used Capitals in Null Sec, NPC Space, and Low Sec – primarily to move ships and supplies in and out of areas. I have done this mostly solo.


    Getting ganked by triglavian ships in hi-sec : Eve…

    The Imperium had deployed several supercarrier fleets and had launched fighter-bombers – drones designed by CCP specifically to destroy capital and supercapital ships. Fighter-bombers do a base DPS of 300-400 each, before skills and hull bonuses. Add those in, it’s more like 450. A supercarrier can deploy 24 of them.


    Noob’s first time in lowsec PvE – EVE New Citizens Q&A …

    Aug 08, 2013 · It is almost pointless to talk about how hard the NPCs will be in low-sec when the real challenge will come from other players. Having said that, a destroyer is cheap so long as you keep the mods cheap you should be fine and have a lot of fun. Keep a high-sec fit PvE ship in your hanger so you can make ISK running missions if you end up going …



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