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novell groupwise webmail

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managing GroupWise systems from a single to multi user level. It allows individual configuration options of a GroupWise mailbox on a mass or single user level into one clear, concise application. GroupWise Mailbox Management displays the GroupWise system to be viewed much like a file browser.


GroupWise webmail top Benefits of Hosted Groupwise

GroupWise webmail is perhaps one of the most remarkable webmail services in the current market. Developed by Novell, it boasts of some features which make it a versatile, reliable and secure cloud-based web solution. The following is an overview of some of the remarkable features of GroupWise webmail. Tools. GroupWise webmail provider by Hosted Groupwise


Novell WebAccess –

Use the basic interface More Information Remember my settings Help © Copyright 1993-2010 Novell, Inc. All rights reserved.


Starting GroupWise WebAccess – GroupWise 18 … – Novell…

You start GroupWise WebAccess as you would any other home page on the Internet. Use your Web browser to go to the URL your administrator gives you, such as http://server/gw/webacc, or an IP address such as


Receiving and Replying to Email – GroupWise 18 Client User ……

By default, GroupWise uses the HTML Read view to display items for reading. This Read view enables both HTML-formatted and plain text email to display correctly. When you read an item in GroupWise, you can select how you want the message to display. You can select whether the message is displayed in text or HTML.


Novell Doc: GroupWise 2012 Windows Client User Guide ……

When you send an email message from GroupWise, you can send the message either as text or HTML. Additionally, you can choose to attach a file, add a signature or vCard to the message, and spell check the message before it is sent.


Novell Groupwise Email – Free Software Downloads and Reviews

Move GroupWise Contacts with Novell address book converter tool can accomplish the task in more easy way than any one. Move Groupwise contacts in multiple mailboxes from Novell Groupwise to Exchange Server quickly, impeccably, and in few mouse clicks. PCVITA for Novell Groupwise to Exchange Server supports moving single Novell Groupwise mailbox to PST …



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