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Online billing is usually divided into two ways: third-party payment tools and payments through the bank. Payment tools tend to be more flexible and intimate, for example, they will proactively remind you of unusual charges. Also, if you receive an unso requested phone call or email, double-check their number and email address. The numbers and email addresses of large companies and banks are always the same, and if you see anything suspicious, don’t disclose any personal information or click on any links.

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I’ve read some terrible reviews for but so far, I have been very Pleased with the items I’ve bought. They came fast, & my shipping was free. I have ordered 2 pairs of shoes & a large pack of socks for my daughter. I also Ordered 2 stainless steel shelving units, that were large & heavy. Free shipping for them. I could not believe it.

### Review – Embracing Beauty

Dec 07, 2011 · If you have been a reader long you know that I love NoMoreRack! Through their Friend Deals I’ve been able to score some awesome giveaway items for the site and a few things for myself. {By the way, take a look at their Friend Deals and let me know what you would like for me to try to “earn” for our next giveaway} I have promoted their Insane Deals, Daily Deals, and …

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I have been using for more than a year now and I have purchased around 30 items from them and I’m very happy so far. I’ve had about 5-6 issues with my orders but they fixed them right away by refunding or store credit in 24 hours and then I still have to keep the items for free and never had to return them back.


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—– I sent a recap of this experience to "" – supposedly goes to the corporate office. Received the typical canned, overly friendly, fake response "We’re so sorry, we’re pathetic, please, kindly, generously (vomitously) return the items at your extreme inconvenience and we’ll generously and smiley and happily take forever to credit you back if …


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Dec 26, 2012 · More Nomorerack Complaints & Reviews. – Nomorerack is selling counterfeit Beats by Dr. Dre headphones 324; – Stay away from this website 18; – Bait and switch / horrible service / class action lawsuit 5; No More Rack – Tablets 23

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