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nominate a student the posse foundation

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Nominate a Student | The Posse Foundation

Nominate students for the Posse interview process. Learn about your nominees’ initial progress through Posse’s Dynamic Assessment Process interviews. Update your nominating institution’s contact info. Learn about which of Posse’s college and university partners recruit from which Posse cities/programs.


The Nomination Process | The Posse Foundation

If you’re registered with Posse, you can nominate high school students as early as their second semester junior year. Depending on the Posse city or program, nomination timelines and deadlines may vary. Be sure to contact your local Posse office for …


Arts Nominations | The Posse Foundation

Who can nominate students for the Posse Arts Program Scholarship? The Posse Arts Program currently recruits from: Charlotte, Cleveland, Dallas, Denver, Memphis, New York City, Newark, Philadelphia, Phoenix and Puerto Rico. Public high schools and community-based organizations (CBOs) in these select cities/locations can nominate rising seniors for a full …


STEM Nominations | The Posse Foundation

Most Posses include STEM students. The Posse STEM Program is special because all of the participating Scholars have expressed an interest in STEM and receive unique programming to support their goals. To nominate for the Posse STEM Program, you need to be registered with a Posse city recruiting for Posse’s STEM partners. Boston; Chicago ; Houston ; Los Angeles


Recruiting Students | The Posse Foundation

Every year, thousands of students compete for a Posse Scholarship. Posse works with a network of public high schools and community-based organizations in 20-plus cities who nominate talented and diverse students. Over the course of three months, nominees experience Posse’s unique recruitment strategy, The Dynamic Assessment Process.


Nominee Portal | The Posse Foundation

You need to be nominated by your high school or community-based organization in one of Posse’s cities to access your Posse application.


Veteran Nominations | The Posse Foundation

Apply to the Posse Veterans Program. The Posse Veterans Program works with post-9/11 U.S. veterans who are leaders in their places of work, communities or families. Candidates must demonstrate strong academic potential and a desire to participate in a four-year program leading to a bachelor’s degree from a top-ranked college or university.


Posse Scholarship 2021/2022 Applications | Apply Here

Oct 08, 2021 · To be eligible for the Posse foundation program, a high school senior student must: Be nominated by their high school or a community-based organization so that he or she is eligible for the scholarship. Be the first term of their year in high school as a senior so that he or she is eligible for the Posse Scholarship.


How To Get a The Posse Scholarship: 2021 Guide

Mar 05, 2021 · The Posse foundation follows a unique timeline depending on which city you’re located and applying from. However, some basic times carry over no matter what, including, Nominations occur between the Fall of your junior year as a high school student and the summer before you become a senior.


Research & Reports | The Posse Foundation

The Posse Institute is the research arm of The Posse Foundation and was founded with a generous grant from the Ford Foundation. FEATURED: Posse Alumni Report Institute Goals. As the United States becomes an increasingly multicultural society, Posse believes that the leaders of this new century should reflect the country’s rich demographic mix.

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